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Here at Balanced Living, we are committed to transforming lives from the inside out. This means transforming individuals from where they are to where they want to be, raising awareness of what’s already God-given and enhancing these gifts using simple Godly principles for a better and happier life.

les howard

Biography Les Howard

Les is the eldest of eleven children and a grandson of a sharecropper. He served in the military during the Vietnam War in the Marine Corp and acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Augsburg College while being mentored and prepped for his Master's in Social Work. In 2003, he got his Master's in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Minnesota.

After interning in many areas of social services while in college, Les started his career serving as a Mental Health case manager in the community, going into residential areas to render his service. With the goal of stabilizing clients in the community, he coordinated services, advocated, mentored, and consulted with clients of varied situations and circumstances.

He later worked in Fairview Hospital on a lockdown unit, supporting clients back to health through group work and monitoring their health until they were well enough to return to the community.

He later became a volunteer driver, escorting seniors and individuals with disabilities to their doctor's appointments and, at the same time, advocating and coordinating their visits to ensure a smooth process.

Les is no stranger to dealing with life's issues, as he has gone through challenges in the past, including addiction and other spiritual, mental, and physical challenges of which he is humbled and ready to surrender his life to God. His experience better qualifies and equips him to minister, mentor, and coach others into wellness and achieve a better quality of life.

Not only has Les served here at home in this country, but he also has experience working with other cultures in foreign countries.

We Are Committed Mission Statement

Our purpose and/or goal is to raise awareness and consciousness of God’s spirit in us, allowing everyone to experience His great work through practical application that changes our perspective when it comes to balancing every part of our being: Spirit, Soul, and Body.


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