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Concert/ Being/Balance

Move forward together

Have you ever been to a concert where the guys who set up the stage for musicians to perform; bringing harmony, a tune that’s in step to the point where you just want to dance? Musicians are gifted to bring something that touch the human spirit. The music is their trade mark. Being becomes the purpose. From that they move forward to becoming better and better with what they do together.

We could use The principle of setting the stage for possibilities in our lives to make music, harmony that facilitate being, balance and purpose. forward movement in our lives today. We don’t have to be stymied by these life situations and circumstance. Actually we can see them as opportunities to respond and become better. The life situations we find ourselves in, encourages us to make a come back better than ever. We have the opportunity to rediscover our purpose. We have the power inside of us to make a come back; if we dig deep, create possibilities for ourselves through meditation, playing the tape of vision of what we want from life. Practice, setting the stage if you will for success. We can start being instead of trying in our own strength. Our physical efforts I am talking about. We have resources inside available to us. That power is accessed through being, employing others who are in concert with what our passion and desires are. We become resilient, full of purpose to move forward and able to come up with solutions, creative ideas to tackle any problem we face.

Sounds easy, but not so easy if you become aware of the need and what’s required to make that happen for you. As we delve into change, come back, moving forward; it’s work. Mentally, physically as well as spiritually. Our commitment, a determination to be and see with our minds eye that the possibilities are not limited if we press forward. This too shall pass; what ever it is. Someone has gone through similar situations and circumstances. We are not alone. Come together and lets get life done in concert with each other.

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