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Coaching Life/Inside Out

Desire to change

Let’s start by taking into consideration what and how we want to change our life for the better, or implement something new. We often have thoughts desire of change, but lack the know how. We often start and stop because we don’t feel empowered, inspired, or motivated. We often lack the esteem required to push through until the goal manifest itself into reality. When we get to this point we realize we cannot do anything without God or other people. That’s an excellent place to get support from God, and others through groups, life coaching, and mentors.

Realize change is possible

We have, I believe a purpose on this earth. Most of us don’t realize what that purpose is. Maybe we have not been exposed to individuals who really know their purpose. They may know their purpose, but is it evident they are living that purpose out. Myself I can say regarding the experiences in my life purpose or inspiration toward a life of purpose was not a part of my consciousness. In junior high school I was on the track team. We had coaches during our gym period. I thought it was a situation where I was suppose to listen to this person because they were the teacher. Coaching, I never put together the connection, the word coaching my life in a particular direction, or mentoring toward conceptualizing, understanding how to use coaching for my future. I was just tire of people telling me what to do. so coaching of any form was not a consideration. I was a rebel, resistant to any form of change, directing or redirecting for my life at that time.

Later on in my life I would hear the words mentoring and purpose put together. I heard those words in church believe it or not. Without knowing why I started to ask God for direction for my life. Intuitively I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing. Later on I started to become curious, willing and then understood more about the triune parts of man (humans), Spirit Soul and Body. Some would say Body, Soul and Spirit. I think that’s backwards. My reasoning is in the book of Genesis (The Bible), which records in Chapter 1 v 27 that God created the man and woman in His image. Then I thought to myself God does not have an image. At least not one I can see. That meant to me It’s talking about a spiritual image. Which means according to my understanding we are just like God; spiritually. So, with that being said its the reason how, why He made us in His image. A purpose was involved. I believe it’s vitally important that we understand what that purpose is. We do that by humbling ourselves to God and other human beings coaching our lives toward that purpose. Is that easy? From my experience, no.

During this process of being coached, healing, changed mindsets, goal setting, emotional healing and action taken toward a particular goal are just to name a few takes place in our life. We become truly successful and empowered when in touch, aware of something greater than ourselves. God. Some disagree and that’s ok. God I believe holds everything together and He does that through other people. Just think if I or you were the only ones on this planet how miserable you or I would be. We would be the God of our existence. Somebody said “all I need to know about God is I ain’t it.” Something or someone is responsible for everything we see and experience and it’s not man.

There is a group I discovered, the Oxford Group to be exact, demonstrated what true coaching and mentoring means under God’s influence. The statement that stood out for me they mentioned. “In fact one could not “belong” to the Oxford group for it had no membership list, badges, or definite location. It was simply “a group of people from all walks of life who have surrendered their life to God“. Their endeavor was to lead a “spiritual life” “under God’s Guidance” and their purpose was to carry their message so others could do the same.

What message? That you are valuable and what you have to offer is important. That importance come from discovering God’s purpose on this planet for your life.

We are all here to do the same no matter what our part is. If it benefit others when done as God intended it works in harmony with the universe. Without His direction we do it for the wrong reasons. Maybe to get recognition fame, or money. Don’t misunderstand me now. There is nothing wrong with money. We cannot do without it. Ask someone who does not have any. Coaching a life, is more about motivating, empowering, supporting, training step by step toward success in a direction that God has gifted, toward self sufficiency and interdependence. We just repeat the process until the world gets better and better. If we get that concept money might not be so necessary. I know that’s stretching things a bit. But, you get the idea.

Change Happens

We change when we realized we are valuable, and can contribute something of value to others. God’s little helpers helping, life coaching, empowering, breathing life and encouragement into others. We then become the masters of our soul; while awakening others to do the same, influencing the cosmos into what it was meant to be.

Everything in the world fit together somewhere. Nothing is an accident. We benefit from mentoring, life coaching, directing; which gives us sovereignty over our own life to discover exactly where we fit. Not in the sense of replacing God’s direction, plan for our lives, but in a concerted effort in line with God’s design, the creator of the universe. Now that’s exciting. Me and you working with God. Wow what a concept.

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