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Moving from where you are to where you want to be.

Journaling Your Journey

We are all on a journey in life. Weather we are aware of it or not, we are heading somewhere. Where is the question? Let’s use the analogy of going on a road trip . Ok, now we have GPS to lead us and guide us to unknown places we are trying to find. GPS is not perfect, but most often gets us in the general area of where we are trying to go. Before GPS we used a map or stopped at gas stations to ask directions concerning where we are and where it is we are aiming to go.


We have an inner compass that leads and guides us in life. Yes we do. weather we are aware of that inner compass or not we get direction for life there. Clear direction if we become familiar and in tuned with that still small voice, our intuition. Believe it or not life begins on the inside of us. Think about it. When a baby is born or conceived, the journey of life starts during conception from the inside of the mother.

Moving forward

From conception comes our experiences in life to consciousness of what we have experienced thus far. The experiences we had with parents relatives and others we encounter throughout life become our view of the world, or what the world looks like to us. We aim to sort all the input from conception, to adulthood, form who we really are; move forward, find our purpose, search for real solutions to discover who we really are and become ourselves. Some of us are lost inside someone else’s idea of who they are. Can I tell you there is hope? Deep inside you. To access that hope and help. Intentional, deliberate, and diligent attention is needed to experience who you really are and who you can become. My experiences in life have afforded me the opportunity to share with you the power of journaling and how it’s impacted my journey in life.

Peering Back

As I look back into my journal, diary some folks call it. I can see patterns that I need to change, improve and develop; to build a better me. Its not easy, but if I am honest with myself, confront who I have become thru the experiences of growing up, the false beliefs about myself. The ideas of others and what they think of me, I can with purpose transform myself with God’s help; into who I was created to be. During, throughout the journey, transformation happens. My purpose can be realized and experienced.

On Purpose

On purpose as I seek direction. Journal as I block out the noise of the world of who I thought I was, the thoughts of others about me. The medias: Television, Telephone, social networks. I can listen intently from the inside and suddenly creative ideas come to me. It’s a voice that’s not often heard unless I quiet myself. It requires much practice, like any thing else, starting the process begins the journey. Over time, and I mean time, becoming patient with myself, being kind to myself I am being transformed, no longer conforming to outside forces. I am not under the influence of nothing outside of me; which can hinder my true self from manifesting what God has made me to be. Periodic, peering at what I have written in my journal, matching my journaling with where I am and where I aim to be, go. I am empowered to make adjustments, turn in the appropriate direction and make changes to continue to develop myself into my original design, from the inside out.

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