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Rejuvenated Rest

Rest is under rated and misunderstood by many. We often think of rest as sleep, relaxing. However, it is much much more. It can be defined as sleeping at night for eight hours or more to acquire enough strength to face another day with renewed vigor. Then again it can involve practicing meditation which can be useful to regulate and maintain mental health. In addition, we can rest our organs by fasting, giving our organs a rest to rejuvenate cells in our bodies. Are you aware that all these forms of rest is essential for a better quality of life? According to the experts who have done research on the subject of rest: Dr. Caroline Leaf and Dr. Pradip Jamnadas.

How can we experience proper rest?

If we decide to educate ourselves and value our rest, we do ourselves a great service. We build energy to face each day and live full lives. We can hopefully began to agree with the design and function of our bodies. One area we can become aware and be educate on is sleep for example. As mentioned earlier it is definitely needed for our mental and physical health. If you don’t get sleep on a regular basics you will feel the effects of sleep depravation in many areas of your life and functioning of your body, or should I say dysfunction of your body. Resting our minds too if we want to be healthy mentally. Let me also mention things that put us at risk of unbalance: Television, Phones, Drama, Driving, Everyday to-do lists, Disorganization, Fragmented mindsets. Rest I say from all these things that clutter our mind is essential for a healthy life style. Meditation can give some relief from these distractions and we can choose better options; identifying what’s important and what’s not. Now let me draw your attention to fasting, one area where the majority of us are not aware of, because everything in our life seems to be centered around it, and that’s eating. Every time we eat our bodies go to work to digest that meal. Our organs need rest from that process. How are we going to get that rest? It’s been suggested and researched, by eating less or fasting periodically. There are so many benefits of fasting mentioned. We can’t just stop eating and fast like Jesus did according to the BIBLE. We educate ourselves first, in doing so hopefully think differently about food and it’s use, eat food to nourish our bodies instead of using it as a feel good drug that we become addicted to. Food for the body, not the body for food somebody said.

Balancing our rest

We get some semblance of balance when being awakened, enlighten and educated about How to maintain balance inside and outside of our bodies. We often wonder why, where disease come from and why it is seemingly attacking us suddenly. What are we allowing inside our bodies and minds. Better yet are we really listening to our bodies? Or are we being influenced or under the influence of the world and how things are done, copying everyone else, conforming? My hope is that I can share my experiences on the subject of balance and rest and offer hope to individuals who might not know which way to turn for help. I receive help from different scriptures in the Bible, believe it or not. in addition, I am educated thru Doctors who practice and research this subject. if you would like to explore more for yourself you can go to She has a book called “Think & Eat Yourself Smart” By Dr. Caroline Leaf. An awesome book to read if you want to become aware, and educate yourself about why we behave the way we do when it comes to eating. Another site that was helpful to me was This particular Doctor has a YouTube channel that talks about how insulin, too much, or not enough impact organs inside your body. In addition, as I mentioned before I have lived and experienced much in life through trial and error; made much progress trying some of these principle that I talk about. I would love to connect with you to help you discover how we can improve your quality of

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