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Seriously/ Is life serious

How important is being coached?

We are going to explore during the time of our birth to start. ok, early on in our life we had an empty brain. Did we not? That brain was hungry, so was our body and soul. The brain though was hungry for knowledge. It was like a sponge. It wanted to soak up as much knowledge as possible, spirit, soul and body; which all engaged in this process. unbeknownst to the baby child. internalizing every bit of information, what you teach through your words and non verbal communication, coaching; the child hoping in the process to make a connection to grow, intuitively. Please allow me to run away with my experience and imagination, this is not research based, rather life experiences.

If we get coached!!!!

Assuming we get coached as children we become balanced, even more coachable as well as having the ability to coach. However, if we are not coached to win in life. All or most areas of life; spirit, soul and body we wonder thru life without direction or purpose. Up and down, never progressing to the point of any quality of life. Then guess what? We die without discovering why we were born. Tragic, right? Non of us can maintain balance by simply doing nothing, taking a pill, saying this is how I am or by osmosis. There has to be practice, progress, life style change lived until we die. That’s living life to the full.

A coached life

Without directions, empowerment, inspiration, enthusiasum from others, we miss the mark. What’s the mark? Something we were born to do, but lack the marksmanship to accomplish without coaching. It’s a cycle, or should I say circle of life that could get better IF we impliment for the good of all, not just ours.


We must remain teachable, coachable, so we can become more than what we think of ourselves as well, as what others think of us. Therefore, becoming what we could not be, appearing just as God made us to be.

All super hero’s on T. V. had some sort of support, direction, coaching. Otherwise, how do you think they became SUPER? Somebody had to help guide them. So, to the question is life serious? Yes if you think of all the people we could impact by coaching. Then again it is not so serious if we neglect to embrace the journey, enjoy the process and have fun with who we are, accepting others during this process; neglecting stress, relaxing, enjoying life, release the control and coach. How? By exploring our purpose thru receiving instructions, direction and suggestions from life coaches.

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