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Healing That’s Centered on Body, Soul, and Spirit
Our Mission Statement

We work with individuals between the age of eighteen and sixty-five who struggle with progressing to the next level of life discovery of purpose and meaning.

If you are ready to dig deep within yourself, find out who you were created to be, transform your life from dead ends and uncertainty, chance living to purpose and fulfillment; you could not have arrived at a better place. As we work together developing your idea of what you want or imagine for your life. You can expect to be transformed. Your purpose for living will be a clearer, direction sure, more peace of mind and confidence will be yours.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to coach individuals, make a positive impact on their lives, witness transformation of individuals by defining goals and leading clients the realization of their stated goals.

Our Advocacy

We advocate balance in every area of life. Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. Turning limited beliefs into limitless possibilities.

Our Stand

We are launching an idea out of the experience of the founder, Les Howard. His experiences in life and the realization that challenging his old mindset afforded him the possibility to redesign his thinking.  Les believes that there are others who would benefit from challenging limited beliefs.

Our Goals

Balanced Living aims to:

  • Build Rapport with clients
  • Assist with clarifying goals
  • Step by step coaching toward stated goals
  • Witness transformation in the lives of individuals

Get to know Balanced Living’s owner, Les Howard, here.

Stay in Contact

If you need our assistance or just want to clarify a concern, you are always welcome to send us a message at your most convenient time.


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